Naruto: Shippuden, Sailor Moon, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Betty Boop, Hello Kitty, Fire Emblem Heroes, Akira

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Sandy Fox began her career working for The Walt Disney Company, performing in hundreds of live stage shows as a singer, dancer, and comedic talent.

Sandy is internationally known for voicing the Queen of Cartoons – Betty Boop. She has voiced Betty for Universal Studios and King Features since 1991. She can be heard as Betty and Olive Oyl at Universal Studios and in many commercial campaigns. She has provided voices for The Simpsons, King of the Hill, The Critic, Futurama, Wreck-it Ralph, The Addams Family, Disney’s Bolt, and Maleficent.

Her iconic voice acting roles also include Hello Kitty, Chibiusa and Black Lady in Sailor Moon, Roarr in Miraculous Ladybug, Mipsy Mipson in As Told by Ginger, Kyoko in the anime classic AKIRA, Flonne in Disgaea, Tachikomas in the original Ghost in the Shell, Kriketina Kylie in Pokemon Journeys and Courtney of Team Magma in Pokemon Generations, Kana in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Patty Fleur in Tales of Vesperia, Taylor Bartlett in Violet Evergarden, Vyrn the Dragon in GranBlue Fantasy, Mina and Momiji in Naruto, Sumomo in Chobits, Haruna in DurararaX2, Harmony in Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi, T-AI in Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Minette Napkatti in Bravely Second, Meiu in Tales of the Abyss, Melody in My Life as a Teenage Robot, Cylindria in Pacman’s Ghostly Adventures, Lynne in Fist of the North Star, and Himaspetchi in Tamagotchi Friends. She also sang the English theme songs for the Rurouni Kenshin and the Magic Knight Rayearth series, where she voiced Lady Aska.