Looking to host a panel or workshop at Anime Washington? We’ve opened the convention to our fandom to deliver the content and programming that our Anime fans would like to see.  Anime Washington will have panels will all of our invited guests, but we expect to feature many from our community focusing on cosplay, fandom, and meetups.

We’re looking for fun, creative, and diverse programming to help make this January weekend an unforgettable experience for every attendee.  Apply today and our team will review your submission to be a part of the first annual Anime Washington event.

It is our goal to create fun, welcoming, awesome events where fans of all kinds can come together and celebrate in a safe environment.  All Panelists are subject to our rules and regulations regarding our harassment policy during event presentations while at the show.  If you feel your personal beliefs will prevent you from adhering to our policy, do not submit an application.

  • Submitting a Panel does not guarantee acceptance.
  • Panel applications are not prioritized in the order received. Applications will not be considered until the deadline has passed on October 15th.
  • Each Panel is expected to be 45-50 minutes in duration.
  • Each Panel is assumed to have a moderator included as a panelist.
  • Anime Washington does not pay for lodging, transportation, meals, or per diems for panelists.
  • Panelists receive a complimentary 2-Day Badge for their contribution.
  • Our team will schedule the approved panels based on the room availability and needs of the show. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate specific days or times requested. We can do our best if there is a strong need for time or date preferences, but scheduling will be at the discretion of Anime Washington.
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Please limit your narrative and description to about 100 words.
Have you been a panelist at a previous convention? (Experience is not required)
This is a place to communicate additional information to our team that will be used in approving and selecting applications for programming. This information will not be shared publicly.
Please list the names of all of the Panelists (limited to four) that will be included besides yourself. If some names are not known, please indicate the total number of panelists expected if less than four.