Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Naruto, MHA, Jujutsu Kaisen, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Street Fighter, Persona, Fire Emblem, Attack on Titan

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Kyle is the voice of Gohan in DBZ and Ryu from the Street Fighter franchise.

Kyle has many credits, including Dragonball Z (Narrator and adult Gohan), Dragonball Super/Super Hero (Gohan), Street Fighter (Ryu), Naruto (Kiba), Bleach (Aizen, Ganju), Persona 5 (Ichiryusai Madarame), Demon Slayer (Kozo Kanamori), Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (Kakyoin), My Hero Academia (Fat Gum) and Gurren Lagann (Kamina). Kyle has appeared in many popular franchises such as One Punch Man (Atomic Samurai), Pokemon (Darmanitan), One Piece (Higuma and Capone Bege), Jujutsu Kaisen, Hunter x Hunter, Sonic (Big the Cat), Final Fantasy (various), Resident Evil (zombies), Persona (Mitsuo, Madarame), Danganronpa (Kaito, Kazuichi) and Fire Emblem (Frederick).

He hosts a comedy/pop culture/multimedia/tech news and reviews podcast called The Intergalactic Boom Box (boomboxpod.com). He interacts with his own original characters, made up of aliens, conspiracy theorists, AI, a fake true crime host, a para-abnormal investigator, a “Karen,” and more.