Naruto, Sailor Moon, Bleach, Disney, Code Geass, Resident Evil, Sonic, Marvel, Monster High, Nintendo, Fire Emblem Heroes

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Kate Higgins is known for voicing Sakura Haruno in Naruto, Talho Yuki in Eureka Seven, Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury in Sailor Moon, Megumi Noda/Nodame in Nodame Cantabile, C.C. in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and Saber in Fate/stay night. She portrayed Miki Kurosaki in the Digimon Data Squad, Gatomon and Meicoomon in the Digimon Adventure film series. Her other notable roles include Karin Kurosaki and Retsu Unohana from Bleach, Adult Toph Beifong from The Legend of Korra, Talho Yuki from Eureka Seven, and so many more!
Kate is the current voice of Disney’s Princess Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty, since 2010. She has also voiced Frankie Stein in Monster High, Briar Beauty in Ever After High, and Barbie in Life in the Dreamhouse. Between 2010 and 2013, Higgins voiced Tails in the video game series Sonic the Hedgehog. She also voices Kate, Stinky, and Lilly in the Alpha and Omega sequels. In 2017, she voiced Pauline in Super Mario Odyssey, for which she also performed the in-character vocals for the game’s theme song, “Jump Up, Super Star!” and Starla in Nick Jr.’s Blaze and the Monster Machines.
Kate’s video game credits include Deborah in Resident Evil 6, Princess Lissa in Fire Emblem Awakening, Archduchess Cordelia in the Valkyria Chronicles video game series. She is also the voice of Pauline in the Super Mario video game series since Super Mario Odyssey. She also voiced Lady in Devil May Cry 5 and, recently, Purah in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom